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Message from the Chairman:

As part of the rebuilding process of MIER activities for the 2019-2020 research cycle, we have decided to change our year end National Economic Outlook Conference to the beginning of the new year.  We think this is more appropriate in order to announce results, not just summarizing the previous economic year but to announce the prospect for the  new year. This new annual National Outlook Conference will also be held for 2 days of Industrial Outlook Seminar and Exhibition. We proposed to organise this new first conference for 2020 between 3rd to 4th March 2020 (Tentative).

The theme for this conference will evolve around the Institute’s Crouching Tiger Research Plan to help analyse, project and make recommendations towards achieving Shared Prosperity Vision 2030. The theme paper and the conference programme together with role players and writers will be announced soon on this website. This inaugural meeting is the third day panel discussions on the various industries that form an integral part of our Crouching Tiger Research Plan, particularly the Seven Leapfrog technologies crucial to the structural transformation of the economy through re-industralisation plan to meet the 2030 target of becoming a developed country. This will feature an exhibition by our collaborating partners with whom MIER has signed MoU.

Finally, let me highlight to you the fact that we have reworked our website that you are now browsing through.

Best Wishes.

Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Kamal Salih

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MIER Crouching TIGER Plan

TIGER is the acronym to Technology based Industrialization for Growth and Economic Reform (TIGER) MIER Industry Research Bureau aims to conduct strategic research, undertake intelligence reports and provide advice. The immediate engagement will be of conducting background research on the traditional engines of growth, such as oil & gas, plantation, semiconductor and service sectors. By connecting the dots in these verticals, it will give us an in-depth understanding of current developments as these analytics will lay out fresh frameworks or methodologies for the respective organizations. Concurrently ‘Special Projects’ will be organized so as to support the TIGER arrangement. The identified special projects are B40 Initiative, Women in Development, Disruptive Technology, Aviation and the Hydrogen Economy.

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Latest Quarterly Reports

Index slips to lowest level since 2008
  • Index slips to lowest level since 2008
  • Sales decrease further
  • Dip in domestic and external orders
  • Production volume sluggish
  • Capacity utilization decline
  • Bracing for belt tightening

    • CSI falls to 84, lowest reading since 4Q17
    • Current finances less favourable
    • Weak job outlook weighs on income expectations
    • Consumers from low-income group, rural areas and eastern region most anxious about rising prices
    • Shopping plans limited by flagging purchasing power

    Malaysian Economic Outlook

    The Malaysian economy is estimated to grow by 4.7% in 2018 pending the fourth quarter results. There are more data available pointing towards a moderation in growth for this year as we have projected earlier. The global economy continues to grow at a moderate pace amid a brittle demand and lessened trade flows. There are growing risks to the global growth tilted to the downside, predominantly due to factors related to trade policy uncertainty and weakening financial market sentiments. There are still lingering uncertainty in trade directions when the ceasefire on the US-China trade war ends on the 1st March 2019. The mounting trade tensions together with other emerging concerns, including slower growth than expected in emerging market economies and the US government shutdown, are causing instability in the financial market..

    Business Conditions Survey

    The Business Conditions Survey was first mounted in the second quarter of 1987 to provide input for the Institute's economic forecasting activity. It is conducted on a quarterly basis to assist in assessing the short-term outlook for the economy. The survey findings are used to supplement the availability of quantitative information from conventional sources. A Business Conditions Index is constructed from the survey results which gives advance information that permits inferences to be drawn regarding emerging economic trends.

    Consumer Sentiments Survey

    The Survey of Consumer Sentiments, initiated in January 1987, is a series of surveys conducted quarterly on a sample of over 1200 households in Peninsular Malaysia to gauge consumer spending trends and sentiments. Consumer behaviour reflects income level and general economic conditions. Together with the business conditions survey, findings of this survey relating to consumer spending are incorporated into MIER's short-term economic outlook report.

    MIER Powerpoint Presentations

    Find here MIER presentations including National Economic Briefing, Corporate Economic Briefing, Quarterly Survey Results and Malaysian Economic Outlook.


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