Business Conditions Index


  • Business Conditions Index climbs above benchmark to read 112.7 points, up from 81.2 points in the previous quarter
  • Sales moving fast at start of the year
  • Local and export orders picking up
  • Business activity likely to accelerate in the next quarter

Consumer Sentiments Index


  • CSI up 6.8 points q-o-q but remains below 100-point optimism threshold
  • Current income stable
  • Financial and job expectations improve
  • Worries over rising prices moderating
  • Shopping plans looking up but cautiously

Malaysian Economic Outlook

The global economy is on the recovery path after bottoming out last year. Better-than-expected performance in major economies, particularly the United States, China, Japan and euro area, and the recovery of larger emerging and low income economies as commodities prices improved provided the impetus for global growth. A balanced policy mix, fiscal stimulus for infrastructure development as well as for defence and security expenses and gradual monetary normalization, provide a positive growth environment for the US although it is weighed down by uncertainties in the Trump administration. Fiscal stimulus in China and accommodative monetary policy in euro area and Japan further boosted global demand.

Newspaper Articles

Articles are in pdf format and are available for download.

Revisiting Proposed M'sia-USFTA Talks
17 June 2017- Samirul Ariff Othman
Focus Malaysia
Benefitting from the Global Grid of Value Chains
3 June 2017- Samirul Ariff Othman
Focus Malaysia
Pertumbuhan Ekonomi Jangka Pendek, Suku Pertama 2017
23 May 2017 - Dr Zulkipy Omar
Berita Harian
The Political Economy of Free Trade Agreements (FTA)
20 May 2017- Samirul Ariff Othman
Focus Malaysia
Buruk Baiknya Pemilihan Bekerja Sendiri di kalangan Guna Tenaga
16 May 2017 - Dr Zulkipy Omar
Berita Harian
Peranan Buruh Asing Menangani Perubahan Struktur Ekonomi
9 May 2017 - Dr Zulkipy Omar
Berita Harian
Tolakan Kos Mempengaruhi Kadar Inflasi
25 April 2017 - Dr Zulkipy Omar
Berita Harian
Putting China's Economic Growth in Perspective
22 April 2017- Samirul Ariff Othman
Focus Malaysia
Prospek Pertumbuhan Ekonomi Malaysia 2017
18 April 2017 - Dr Zulkipy Omar
Berita Harian
Sumbangan Sektor Luar Negara terhadap Prospek Pertumbuhan Ekonomi 2017
11 April 2017 - Dr Zulkipy Omar
Berita Harian
US Monetary Policy and the Behaviour of Ringgit
8 April 2017 - Dr Zulkipy Omar
Focus Malaysia

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MIER Presentations

Presentations are in pdf format and are available for download.

22nd Corporate Economic Briefing: 18 April 2017

22nd Corporate Economic Briefing
Emeritus Professor Dr Zakariah Abdul Rashid
Jockeying for Economic & Political Leadership in East Asia
Samirul Ariff Othman
Malaysia's Trade and Investment with China: An Input Output Analysis
Emeritus Professor Dr Zakariah Rashid and Dr Shankaran Nambiar

See the full list of our presentations here

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25 July Thirty-Second National Economic Briefing
Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur
24 July World Economic Outlook Update
MIER, JKR 606, Jalan Bukit Petaling, 50460 Kuala Lumpur
12 October Press Conference on Quarterly Survey Results and Malaysian Economic Outlook Third Quarter 2017
MIER, JKR 606 Jalan Bukit Petaling, 50460 Kuala Lumpur
21 - 22 November National Economic Outlook Conference 2018-2019
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