Conference Papers


Conference Papers 1987 -1995

RM 10.00 each

1987 MIER National Outlook Conference 23-24 November 1987
  • World Economic Outlook : Impact of the Global Financial Crisis / WEFA Group
  • National Economic Forecasts, 1988-1989 / MIER
  • Structural Adjustment and Fiscal Policy: The Reflation Debate / Abu Bakar Karim
  • Privatisation: Can It Contribute to a Sustainable Recovery / Ismail Muhd Salleh
  • The Commodities Outlook : Analysis Based on the MIER Agriculture Model / Mohd Haflah Piei and Mohammad Alias
  • Capital Market Development: Prospects for Long-term Private Investment / Darwis Mohd Daek
  • Promotion of the Malaysian Capital Market: Problems and Prospects / Ho Ting Seng
  • Business and Industry Outlook / MIER
1988 MIER National Outlook Conference 29-30 November 1988

Conference Papers 1996 - 1999

RM 10.00 each not including shipping and and handling fees.

Conference Papers 2000 - December 2004

RM 10.00 each not including shipping and handling fees.

December 2004 - 2010

RM 20.00 each not including shipping and handling fees

Conference Papers 2011 - Present

RM 20.00 each not including shipping and handling fees.

  • World Economic Outlook / Chikahisa Sumi
  • Economic Outlook for Developing Asia / Joseph Ernest Zveglich
  • National Employment Returns (NER) / Zuraini Binti Abu Kassim
  • The Implications of Investments and Products from the People’s Republic of China on the Malaysian Labour Market / Wan Saiful Wan Jan
  • Regional Disparity : Imbalances in Development in Malaysia / Ahmad Fauzi Puasa

  • Industrial Structure and Malaysia Manufacturing Industry / Muhammad Ridhuan Bos Abdullah
  • Malaysia’s Industrialization : Strategies to Stimulate Innovation Synergies / Rajah Rasiah
  • GLCs, GLICs and Market Efficiency / Ali Salman
  • On Digital Technologies and Transformation – Ramblings of a Technophobe / Farid Mohamed Sani
  • Malaysian Economic Outlook 2018-2019 / MIER

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