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Data Sources and Adjustments Accompanying the ELSA Malaysia Model

August 1986 - M Sahathavan and Hideki Imaoka

Data Considerations in Econometric Modelling: Some Views on the Malaysian Situation

August 1986 - Mahani Zainal Abidin and Shyamala Nagaraj

Data Requirements and Problems: With Specific Reference to Dynamic Input-output Model Building in Malaysia

August 1986 - Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman

Money Influence on Malaysian Economic Activities: Evidence from a Single Equation Approach

July 1986 - Randall C Merris and Zeti Akhtar Aziz

The Challenge of Economic Revival in Malaysia: Entrepreneurship and Third-factor Growth

July 1987 - Wolfgang Kasper

Industrialisation and its Impact on Labour Migration

September 1987 - Mei Ling Young

Transnational Capital and Local Conjuncture: The Semiconductor Industry in Penang, Malaysia

September 1987 - Kamal Salih, Mei Ling Young and Rajah Rasiah

ASEAN Economic Relations with Japan

October 1987 - Kamal Salih

Malaysia's Trade in Services: Some Policy Issues and Options

November 1987 - Kamal Salih

Malaysia's Trade-related Investment Regulations and Performance Requirements on Investment

November 1987 - Mohd Haflah Piei

Agropolitan Approach in Regional Development Planning: A Retrospective After Ten Years

February 1988 - Mei Ling Young

Malaysia and the Uruguay Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations

March 1988 - Mohd Haflah Piei and Kamal Salih

Evaluation of Regional Development Experience in Malaysia

April 1988 - Kamal Salih and Mei Ling Young

Structural Adjustment, Employment Policy and Unemployment in Malaysia

May 1988 - Kamal Salih, Mei Ling Young and Tan Hui Gek

A Tax Reform Package for Malaysia

September 1988 - MIER Tax Reform Group

Stock Returns, Inflation, Money and Economic Activity in a Developing Economy

September 1988 - Gan Wee Beng

A Flow of Funds Approach to Financial Analysis in Malaysia

September 1988 - Ho Ting Seng

Promoting Resource-based Industrialisation: Some Policy Implications

October 1988 - Kamal Salih

Agricultural Development in Malaysia: Cultural Issues and Prospects

October 1988 - Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman

Domestic Barter and Income Terms of Trade in Malaysia, 1972-1987

November 1988 - Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman

The New Economic Policy After 1990

December 1988 - Kamal Salih

Development-Revisionist Ideas, Heresies and Heretics

December 1988 - Zainal Aznam Yusof

Breeding Entrepreneurs and Enterprise Through the New Economic Policy: A Review

March 1989 - Zainal Aznam Yusof

Fiscally-induced Investment Distortions in Malaysia: The Direct Tax System

August 1989 - Robin Boadway, Dale Chua and Frank Flatters

Evaluation of Malaysia Corporate Investment Incentives

August 1989 - Barjoyai Bardai

Macroeconomic Policies and Technological Change

May 1989 - Zainal Aznam Yusof

The Malaysian Economy in the 1990s: Alternative Scenarios

August 1989 - Kamal Salih

Testing International Parity Conditions for a Small Open Developing Economy: The Case of Malaysia

September 1989 - Gan Wee Beng

On the Deviations from Purchasing Power Parity: The Case of the Ringgit Effective Exchange Rate

October 1989 - Gan Wee Beng

The Future of Economic Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region: The View from an ASEAN Perspective

November 1989 - Kamal Salih

Towards Regional Development Policy Reform: Some Issues for the 1990s

November 1989 - Kamal Salih

Non-farm Employment in Malaysia: Situation and Prospects

March 1989 - Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman

The Financial Industry of Malaysia: Towards a New Era of Technological Change

September 1990 - Ho Ting Seng

Annual Econometric Model of the Malaysian Economy

September 1990 - Muthi Samudram, Gan Wee Beng and Kevin Chew

Energy for Sustainable Development: The Case of Malaysia

September 1990 - Kamal Salih and Chua Chin Pen

Agricultural Taxation In Malaysia: An Overview

April 1991 - Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman

Impact of Pricing, Taxation and Trade Policies on Malaysian Agriculture

April 1991 - Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman

Tax-induced Investment Distortions in Malaysia: Hidden Costs of the Indirect Tax System

September 1991 - Robin Boadway, Dale Chua and Frank Flatters

Macroeconomic Policies and Poverty in Agriculture: A Perspective

October 1991 - Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman

The Future of Malaysia-Japan Economic Cooperation

October 1991 - Kamal Salih, Mei Ling Young and Wong Hin Wei

A Competition Policy for Malaysia?

November 1991 - Tim Hazledine

Economic Growth and Education Reform: Some Fundamental Issues of Education Policy

September 1992 - Kamal Salih

Balancing the Roles of the Public and Private Sectors in Education Training

December 1992 - Mei Ling Young and Ng Suew Kiat

Managing Innovation in World Trade and Global Competition

December 1992 - Kamal Salih and N Danaraj

Chinese Economic Cooperation with South East Asia

September 1994 - Sulaiman Mahbob

Investigating the Dynamics of Inflation in Malaysia – A Vector Autoregression Approach

September 1994 - Michael Yap Meow Chung

Structural Adjustments and Economic Growth in Malaysia, 1985-93

October 1994 - Sulaiman Mahbob

Inflationary Pressures in Malaysia: The Present Situation and Areas of Concern

October 1994 - Sulaiman Mahbob and Michael Yap Meow Chung

Reform of Indirect Taxes in Malaysia: Policy and Design Issues

November 1994 - Peter G C Townley and Nasaruddin Arshad

Value-added Taxes and Inflation: International Lessons for Malaysia

November 1994 - Peter G C Townley and MIER

Asia-Pacific Trade Interdependence: Outlook for Malaysia

January 1995 - Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman, Pang Teck Wai and Maritah Masran

Downstream Activity in ASEAN: Implications for Malaysia

January 1995 - Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman

Industrial Clustering: Source of Future Economic Growth

February 1995 - Mahani Zainal Abidin

Value-added Taxation: Preferential Treatment of Goods and Services by Zero-rating and Exemption

February 1995 - Peter G C Townley and MIER

Some Socio-economic and Organisational Consideration for Public Health Policy

February 1995 - Norlaili Abdul Aziz and Sulaiman Mahbob

Malaysia: Industrial Restructuring and Growth Prospects

December 1995 - Michael Yap Meow Chung

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