MIER's main business is to monitor and analyse the developments of the Malaysian economy, business environment and international economic trends and to undertake research projects commissioned by government agencies, corporate bodies, businesses, and international and donor agencies. To meet these objectives, MIER focuses on the following fields: macroeconomic trends and forecasting, policy studies, industry studies and area studies.

Macroeconomic Trends and Forecasting Division

The Macroeconomic Surveillance and Forecasting Division monitors, analyses and forecasts current andfuture developments in the Malaysian, regional and world economies and disseminates its findingsto policymakers, industrialists, bankers, and business people. The main strength of this division lies in forecasting and modelling activities and undertaking research in the realm of macroeconomic indicators, sectoral forecasts and current developments relating to commodity prices, international trade, international capital flows, external payments, exchange rates, etc.....Read more


Policy Studies Division

The Policy Studies Division carries out in-depth and practical research on a wide range of areas which include economic policy and planning, banking and finance, human resource development and management, agricultural and industrial development, international trade, investment, services and environment. The main purpose of these studies is to provide inputs and guidelines for long-term policy formulations and investment decisions. The main thrust of these studies, which partly represent commissioned works, lies in discovering major changes in the domestic, regional and international scenes that call for appropriate policy shifts and adjustments.....Read more


Industry Studies Division

The Industry Studies Division analyses trends and changes in the domestic and foreign markets of major industries, technological developments and competition in the marketplace, and feasibility and viability of new ventures. The scope of this division's research encompasses primary industries, manufacturing and services. These studies, which also represent in part contract research, provide the government and industrialists with useful information and inputs for investment and other business decisions.....Read more


Area Studies Division

The Area Studies Division conducts regional and sub-regional studies where these may positively benefit Malaysia's economic development. The main purpose of this division is to provide a window for MIER to go regional and international in the wake of the opening up of newly emerging economies in Indochina, Central Asia and other parts of the world. Studies by this division assist these countries in their development planning, human resource development and integration of their economies into the global economy through bilateral, regional and multilateral channels.....Read more

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