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Since 1986, the Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER) has been helping both the private and public sectors by providing timely and accurate forecasts on the Malaysian economy. Such forecasting information is extremely critical and essential in view of the increasing uncertainty and complexity in the business environment.

Given such dynamics and strong challenges ahead, in order to make sound business decisions, you need access to timely, comprehensive and reliable information to give your organisation the competitive edge. Thus, a Forecasting Club was set up with the purpose of meeting your planning needs, and helping you make sound decisions by reducing some of the uncertainties.


Membership of the MIER Forecasting Club will entitle you to the following benefits:

The Malaysian Economic Outlook

This quarterly report presents the forecasts for major macroeconomic variables like real GDP, inflation, balance of payments, government policies, commodity prices and other important short-term issues.

The Business Conditions Survey Report

This quarterly survey attempts to capture the short-term trend in the manufacturing sector. It also provides key economic indicators such as production, investment, orders, sales, stock levels, prices and employment in the manufacturing sector.

The Report on Consumer Sentiments Survey

This quarterly report provides useful insights into the shift in consumer sentiments by taking into account households' perception of the general economic environment, their current and expected financial position, the short-term outlook on employment and prices and also their future expenditure plans.

Client Service

Telephone access to MIER researchers for discussion on forecasts, surveys and other related issues.

National Economic Briefing (NEB)

This is a formal, annual meeting held in July each year when the supplements to the annual economic forecasts are presented and discussed in a session attended by chief executives and planners from the private and public sectors.

Membership entitles the participation of not more than one (1) staff member in the above annual event without registration fees.

Public Lectures/Brown Bag Seminars

Public lectures are given by prominent economists on selected topics. Topics discussed are not merely confined to national financial, economic and business issues but also extend to global issues. The frequency of the lectures is dependent on the availability of speakers visiting the country.

Brown Bag Seminars are informal meetings to discuss current economic issues over lunch. Interest shown by the public has been quite varied, depending usually on the topic. Discussions can become quite lively, especially with the more controversial subjects.


Apart from the right to attend and, as the case may be, vote at annual general meeting of the Institute, members are entitled, at a discounted rate of' 20 per cent, to participate in MIER conferences, symposia and seminars as well as purchase the Institute's publications.


The fee for new Forecasting Club Members shall be RM2,650(inclusive of GST) per annum in the first year. The fee per annum for subsequent years is RM1,590(inclusive of GST).

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